The “Upswing Difference”

We do therapy differently. In fact, we do therapy differently for different aged kids. It’s our mission to communicate with each member of the family in an effective and meaningful way. Our therapy is down-to-earth, often fun, and quite creative. Our interventions are highly practical involving strategies, techniques and skills training for children, teens and their parents.


Our therapists at Upswing are well-trained in evidence-based interventions for both children and families. We make a commitment to continued education in developmental psychology and associated treatments. We also provide professional training and support for others in the industry working with children and teens.


  • We focus on treating the whole family—in relationships, when one person struggles, everyone is affected.
  • We work hard to avoid the family blame game. We find solutions instead of scapegoats.
  • We value the complex nature of people at all ages. We work with different people differently because we value each person’s insight and perspective.
  • We view counseling as part science (research-backed methods), part art (socially savvy creative therapists) and part philosophy (how our clear thinking informs our work).


Our team includes Master level clinicians trained in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling Psychology. Alongside degrees, our team boasts a number of supplemental certifications and much additional training. Continued growth and education is a high value at Upswing!

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