Second and Third Trimester


Second and Third Trimester

Distinctive aspects of treating expecting families

During pregnancy, relationships between parents and child are already forming. Your child is learning about you through your voice, your movements, and your touch. In addition, what mom experiences whether stress or joy, is passed to the baby as neurochemicals cross into the baby’s bloodstream and impact a newly developing brain. Mom’s heartbeat, whether steady or chaotic, forms the background music of her baby’s world. Strengthening expectant parents’ abilities to manage and address stress while thoughtfully engaging with their growing child can help this relationship begin positively.

Reasons for seeking treatment

  • Parents coping with significant loss
  • Marriage problems or family conflict
  • Feeling disconnected from pregnancy or baby
  • Anxiety about your ability to parent or family history
  • History of miscarriage or pregnancy loss
  • Ambivalent feelings about pregnancy
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • History of Postpartum Depression
  • Pregnancy using a surrogate

Demands on parents at this stage

Growing a new life comes with a mix of emotions which the hormones of pregnancy seem to intensify. Suddenly everything changes. All the new demands add to the stress you are both experiencing and moms may struggle with having their prior coping mechanisms off limits with alcohol, caffeine, smoking, favorite foods, sugar, some activities, and even medications suddenly restricted. Pregnancy complications can make matters worse. Fears about the baby, family conflicts, and feeling unsure about your ability to connect with and parent your child impact both you and your unborn child. Addressing challenges early and preparing for predictable challenges before the chaotic early months of life with a new baby helps create a smoother transition into parenting.

How we work with Prenatal Children and their parents

We work with moms and dads on addressing and managing the stressors that are impacting them now and the ones they expect in the future. We teach parents about stress reducing tools which help provide a healthier environment for growing a healthier, happier baby. Sometimes family or marital therapy are needed to address conflicts that are causing problems and may include grandparents to address multi-generational problems and roles. We also offer Theraplay® informed activities to build the parent-child bond in the womb through talking to and playing games with your unborn baby. We help you discover your strengths, build your bond, and prepare you to tackle the challenges of parenting ahead.

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