Telehealth Therapy Services

Upswing Counseling is offering Tele-Health Services

We recognize that in this time of Covid-19, you would like to begin or continue your therapy in the safety of your home. We offer the ability to connect with us through video conferencing which can be just as effective as in-office sessions.

We can connect with you and your children to provide mental health support for you and your family.

Our need for mental health counseling has only increased as COVID-19 has continued to impact families in our community. Certain families have experienced great suffering from the virus including contracting the virus, grieving a loss due to COVID-19, and even unemployment. Many more families have faced every day challenges related to the virus, including lifestyle changes, loneliness, parents trying to work from home, worries about the future, kids staying home from school and e-learning, boredom, missed events, and previous mental health issues only exasperated by the stress of the virus.

While in-person visits are difficult during this crisis, Upswing Counseling is ready to support you through tele-health counseling. Sometimes referred to as e-counseling, video counseling, and virtual therapy, tele-health counseling is held over a video platform, similar to Facetime® or Skype®, but provided through an encrypted and HIPAA complaint video service.

Working with families and kids over tele-therapy:
Prospective clients may feel unsure about what therapy will feel like over video. And therapy for families and kids may sound particularly challenging. While our team of therapists enjoy meeting with families in person, research and our experience has shown that tele-therapy can be very effective. Our therapists have fun and creative ways to work with children, even over video.

Are sessions over video secure?
Upswing Counseling follows HIPAA guidelines in regard to securing video sessions. All video platforms used by our clinicians are encrypted, and guaranteed by the services used to meet all HIPAA standards. Upswing Counseling also provides a “cheat sheet” to help you make sure your environment is private and well-prepared for a video session.

Insurance benefits for tele-therapy
Due to our governor’s Executive Order, most insurance companies in Illinois will reimburse for tele-therapy during the COVID-19 crisis. Self and employee funded policies, may not cover tele-health or may still be in the process of adapting to tele-health services. Your counselor may have information on your particular insurance company or policy in regard to tele-health benefits and can help you with next steps if your policy is not ready to cover tele-health therapy.

How do I get started with tele-therapy?
Our intake process for tele-therapy is the same as setting up an initial in-person session (with the addition of the form below). After printing this form, head over to the
“Schedule” page for next steps. Access to tele-therapy will be provided by your therapist before the start of your appointment.

Return the Tele-health Consent below to prepare for your first tele-therapy session:

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